Publication Guidelines

1. Articles are accepted on the basis of a cover letter from the head of the organization, where the research was performed, addressed to the Chief Editor.
2. Every article should be accompanied with two expert reviews and a payment receipt.
3. The expert reviews shall indicate position, organization, and bear the signature of the reviewer and stamp of the organization.
4. Reviewer can be a scientist or specialist, the profile of which corresponds to the subject of the article.
5. Authors and reviewers should be employed in different organizations.
6. Materials for publication in text format and accompanying documents (scanned) should be sent to email address of editorial board or to the executive secretary of the Journal.

Requirements for Articles

1. Information about the article must contain:
     -    UDC (article index according to the Universal Decimal Classification);
     -    names of authors (full name, academic degree and title, place of employment, position, contact details);
     -    name of the organization where the research was performed with indication of the city;
     -    article summaries and keywords (should be in Kazakh, Russian and English).
2. Scientific articles should include following sections: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, Literature.
3. The volume of scientific papers should not exceed eight (8) pages, including list of references and resume.
4. Article text is typed with font TimesNewRoman, 14 size, indented first line of the paragraph 1.25 mm., margins: top and bottom - 2 cm, left 2.5 cm, right 1.5 cm, one-and-a half space interval, justified.
5. Photographs, diagrams and drawings must be titled and numbered.
6. Abbreviations of words, names, titles should be strictly conventional. Units should be given in the SI system. The abbreviation should be written in full at the first mention in the text.
7. References should be in the order of appearance in the course of the article references as used in the text. The article links to the number of literary source fit in square brackets.
8. For citing articles from other journals please indicate the names of authors, title and year of publication, volume, page number. When citing a collection of articles indicate the place and year of publication, number of pages. For citing monographs indicate name of authors of the monograph, place of publication, publisher, year of publication, number of pages. In citing the head of the monograph indicate name of chapter authors, chapter title, name of authors of the monograph, the monograph title, place and year of publication, number of pages.
9. Number of sources in the article should not exceed 20.
10. Authors are responsible for the accuracy of the provided materials.
11. The Editorial Board reserves the right for scientific and literary editing of submitted articles.
12. Submission of previously published articles or the articles submitted to other journals is strictly prohibited.